Tuesday, November 10, 2009

How to Grip a Football Like a Pro

By: timsgurl

Wish you could throw like the pros? It all starts from knowing how to grip the football properly. A good grip will get you well on your way toward throwing a perfect spiral!

Grab the football in your non-throwing hand. Turn it over so that the laces are facing up toward you.

Place your right hand on the ball. You want to have your thumb and middle finger below the white line as close as you can to the laces.

Place at least your pinkie finger inside the first lace. Ideally you want to place your ring finger and pinkie finger inside the laces and place your middle finger just inside the white stripe. If your hands are larger move your fingers up so that your middle finger, ring finger, and pinkie finger are inside a seam.

You will want to make sure that your thumb is positioned beneath your middle finger just inside the white stripe. When your fingers are positioned properly they will form an "L" shape. There should be a slight gap between your hand at the bottom of the "L" and the ball. The positioning of the thumb can make the difference between a "wounded duck throw" and a perfectly spiraling missle.

Position the index finger near the tip of the ball. Ideally it will be within one to two inches from the tip. This will provide extra stability behind the ball.

Be sure to grip the ball firmly but not too tightly. Gripping it to hard will hinder ball control and the release.

*Article Courtesy of timsgurl. To see more of her work click here

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